For this paper, 1 page ONLy.   Please make sure you have a title page and at least one reference and a reference page.
Please describe a situation as an LPN  that you have personally experienced (you should have been involved in this situation).  Brieflydescribe the situation in one paragraph, then describe how you might change the situation or outcome,when you are an RN.  You might want to bring up the critical thinking qualities or other factors that you have learned in this class.  Your scenario should be true and it can be about an interaction with another nurse, staff member, or patient.
If you are not an LPN – use an example that relates to a position in health care.
Good luck and feel free to ask me any questions.
Below is the Rubric used to grade your research papers. Please review it and make sure your work reflects all aspects covered in the rubric. You can also use programs like grammarly to check your work for originality
  Pts Possible
Title page.
Choose an appropriate title based on the topic.
Your cover page should include a detailed title of the paper, the name of the student, the date, and the name and title of the  instructor.
It should also include a running head, and page numbers. Please review APA format for assistance. 
Body and content
Introduction statement. Summarize the theme of the paper
Did you answer all the questions asked and did you include reliable evidence from professional literature including your text book.
Information is arranged logically and ideas connect
Correct in text citation per APA format 
The paper should be at least 1 page. No more than 2 pages
Format: Your paper should be in APA format as well as;
Double spaced
12 pt. Times New Roman font
All citations and items in the bibliography mush follow the APA citation style
Summarizes theme of paper clearly and thoroughly.
Spelling, grammar, sentence structure and fluency
Clear and familiar language

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