Base line assessment is essential in the older adult. The older      adult has many potential negative outcomes related to age related changes      and management of disorders.  Look at      nutritional statutes and temperature. What is the baseline or normal      level?  Inventory the number of medications of an older      adult family member or in the community. How many are they taking? Are      they also taking over the counter treatments or vitamins? Is there a      potential problem here?  Write      on paragraph for each.
Cardiac and pulmonary function are interrelated. When a      person develops a problem with one system the other is compromised. Please      do a comprehensive evaluation  on each system. This entails looking      at history, risk factors and physical findings. Write one paragraph on each,      then give a recommendation.
Have you  thought about urinary incontinence?      Urinary incontinence is hidden and by some thought to be normal aging. It      is very costly. Perform a search and find out more.  During your      clinical rotation evaluate the older adult, are they experiencing      incontinence, if so what kind? Some are concerned that when they go out it      may be a problem unable to get to the restroom quickly enough. Please do      an evaluation.

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