*NON-PLAGIARIZED* 3 full paragraph history “journal entry”

Chapters 7 and 9 and learning activities. You will find the information needed attached. There is also pictures of the chapters in the textbook to further analyze information for entry.

1) In your own words, describe any new information learned from this week’s reading and learning modules.
2) Why is this information significant?
3) Identify or speculate the motives behind the policies (laws) aimed at this week’s people group? Skip this question if policies were not discussed in the   assigned chapters.
4) Did the chapter’s information confirm or contradict any assumptions you may have had previously?
5) Include a random thought or opinion. You will not be judged, penalized or graded based on your personal opinion. 

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*NON-PLAGIARIZED* 3 full paragraph history “journal entry”
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Each journal entry should be approximately three paragraphs long. This is an academic written submission that should include proper formatting, grammar and syntax.  

Additional Informational Websites:
Map of Native American Tribes before Land Loss:

Images of Californios before and after the War


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