Nervous Wedding Day

As the bright yellow-red sun settled along the seashore, the tan soft sand blew on my red like tomato face. I wondered if this uncomfortable scenery was going to be the same as for my angelic wedding in just two days. In just two days, I was marrying the love of my life and I couldn’t be more nervous than a shaking and terrified pig at a slaughter house. The day came and this terrible humid weather made me sick, but when I saw my handsome soon to be husband with his glimmering eyes stare at my silky embroider dress, I melted like a popsicle during summer.
My experience of this day was memorable because of the horrible weather, my panic attacks, and the fascinating union of my husband and I. All I could think about was how my sparkling makeup looked after the sweat drops that rolled throughout my skin. I kept asking myself why I let my husband choose the venue! The blue water looked as brilliant as the sunshine hit on it, causing such a humid weather. I thought to myself, “Are my guests going through this too? ” I prayed that they wouldn’t be able to notice the nasty drops roaming on their face.
As I was getting walked through the isle, all I could see were tiny like ants sweating gallons of drops. It couldn’t be possible, my family and friends were not too pleased. For a minute I felt like running away because of the embarrassment I felt towards my guests and their discomfort. Time was going as slow as the rain clouds reaching the dessert. Finally, the ceremony was over; it seemed like an eternity. Now it was time to jump and party! The humidity was long gone, the beautiful moon shone over my guests. Everything was too good to be true.

We greeted the invites with a wide smile from ear to ear and a hug as tight as a corset. Our friends and family started getting served, until a horrible torment of wind came in. “Oh no! ”, I shouted, first the humidity and now sand. My wedding was supposed to be as amazing and magical as a Disney movie. I started with my horrible panic attacks. I lacked breath like a fish out of the sea, gasping for air. I saw my husband running as fast as a flash towards me, holding me and blowing air to my face with a paper fan. Slowly I recuperated from this horrible attack.
I was relieved when I heard the manager from the venue say he was prepared for unexpected weather with his indoor ballroom. I felt like back in high school when the professor cancels a test you didn’t study for. Now that we were inside, nothing could go wrong! After all the troubles, my husband and I enjoyed the juicy chicken bathed in a special sauce, the eight stair white cake and the non-stop dancing of our wedding. I had forgotten the true meaning of this day because the conflicts we encountered. I had not realized that this was the day I married my highs school sweetheart.
This was the day my heart, my soul, and all of me were unified to my other half. With the simple thought that I was going to spend the rest of my life with my husband, it made my heart pound so strong that I could hear it rumble in my ears. I felt a warm tingly sensation inside of me seeing myself reflected in the mirror with my long-tailed dress. My feelings moment before my wedding were immensely beautiful, feelings I had never experienced before. So many things went wrong on this day but as long as I went through them with my husband, it should be as easy as the breeze that blew at my wedding.
My wedding day experience can be described as memorable. It was such a memorable day because of the horrible weather, my panic attacks, and the wonderful union of my husband and me. The horrible weather made me worried that the guests were as uncomfortable as a fat lady with a dress that doesn’t fit. My panic attacks wore me out just like the feeling after a three hour workout at the gym. This day was hectic and made me nervous, but knowing I had my husband next to me, made everything worth it. I wouldn’t change this memorable day for anything…maybe just a better venue!

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Nervous Wedding Day
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