Please read very carefully and answer the questions on the template. CASE IS ATTACHED. 
THIS IS A NEGOTIATION ASSIGMENT  AND THE ROLE IS “Kaley Kumar  Director Marketing & New Product Development”

For CASE 1 you as a member of either the AJANTA team or the SF Foods Team will have specific responsibilities and goals.   In this first Negotiation, you have to meet with the other member of your team and get to an agreement of the sort of strategy you have to put together to be prepared for the next Negotiation with your opposite team.   
If you are a member of the Ajanta TEAM, you must make sure that your bests interests are represented and included in this first negotiation with the other members of your own team.   
Directions:  In the provided text box (accessible only to you, the instructor, and the coach), you will answer some questions about your role, your goals, and planned strategy for each negotiation. Also include your thoughts about the following :

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Your BATNA and reservation point
Your goal or expectations for what you can achieve in this negotiation
Your thoughts about what your counterpart will want or expect in this negotiation
Any planned strategy for how you will try to get to your goal


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