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In this assignment, you will submit your final Integrated Sport Psychology Plan.
This completed project requires several components for successful completion. Your plan must:

Integrate sport psychology theory, research, and techniques related to current practices.
Evaluate sport psychology research, methods, and techniques within your research interest or area of practice.
Evaluate ethical implications of sport psychology practices.
Evaluate individual differences and diversity in the practice of sport psychology. Remember it is important to value these differences in this field.

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Refer to the Integrated Sport Psychology Plan project description for full details. Make sure you communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations for members of the psychological professions. To achieve a successful project experience and outcome, you are expected to include each project component and fulfill all project requirements.

Title Page.
Abstract (1–2 paragraphs, separate page). If necessary, refer to the APA Manual for proper abstract content inclusion.
Introduction (1–2 paragraphs).
Rationale (minimum 2 pages).
Assessment and Evaluation Mechanisms, Key Stakeholder Relationships, and Ethical Concerns (4–7 pages).
Application of the Plan to a Specialization (minimum 5 pages).
Conclusion (1–2 paragraphs).
References (on separate page).
Final Plan Submission: The length of the final paper is up to you. A typical paper is 12–15 pages (12 pages for the body of the paper). The important consideration is that you fully explore your topic—in terms of breadth and depth. Include a good review of the literature related to the topic, detailing at least 15 sources beyond the course text and readings. Discuss the highlights of the literature and evaluate your resources. Include a discussion section using your critical thinking about how you would use the ideas in working with a real-life group. Complete some critical analysis in your paper. Ask yourself questions such as: What do I think of what I found? How might I use what I found in my future work?


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