Need my Project done for healthcare delivery and organization

In Week 1, you will begin working on your course project, which will be completed in Week 5. This week, you will select a topic for your project (Topic 1: Disease Process or Topic 2: Healthcare Profession). You will use this and only this topic for the remainder of the 5 Weeks course Assignments.
In Weeks 2–4, you will complete weekly tasks for the selected topic, and in Week 5, you will present the course project in one formatted document.
Week 1 Tasks
Select one of the two topics below for your project, and:

Provide a short definition or description of the topic.
Provide the rationale for choosing this topic.
Conclude with a high-level description of how you plan to collect the data for this project.

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Need my Project done for healthcare delivery and organization
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Complete a 300- to 350-word essay in a Microsoft Word document with appropriate references noted.
Topic 1: Disease Process Examples
Select a disease process from among the following:

Coronary artery disease
Alzheimer’s disease
Cancer (lung, colon, breast)

In the next week, you will trace the continuum of care for this disease process in your own geographic region. Select a specific payer type before beginning. Be sure to collect information on the following:

Socioeconomic issues
Primary care
Specialist referrals
Outpatient services
Hospital care
Tertiary care, if appropriate
Rehabilitation care, if appropriate
Managed care issues
Quality-of-care issues
Total cost of care

Topic 2: Healthcare Profession Examples
Select a particular healthcare profession of interest or importance to your own career. Identify the education, training, key interrelationships with other professions, referral patterns, managed care issues, and liability issues for the profession. Be sure to include:

Education and training process
Role in the delivery system
Supply and demand in the U.S.
Typical sites of care
Typical sources of referral
Reimbursement issues
Liability issues
Average compensation
Trends in medical technology impacting this profession

Submission Details:

Support your answers with appropriate examples.
Cite any sources in APA format.
Post your response to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.
Name your document SU_HCM2005_W1_A3_LastName_FirstInitial.doc


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