Moving forward program reflection

The Veteran’s Administration (VA) has an Internet-based program title, “Moving Forward.” Moving Forward is a program developed for veterans, but available to the broad community. Specific insight and skills are explored and introduced such as, “types of problem-solving.”

Complete all eight  program modules. 
Submit a written reflection, where you will give an overview of the program, reflect on how this program specifically applies to you, and identify which principles of Community Psychology (refer back to Ch.1) are incorporated into this program. More specifically, your entry must cover the following:

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Moving forward program reflection
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Explain what is the Moving Forward program 

Describe what type of problem-solver you are, based upon the quiz in the program 

Describe what strategies you’ve learned regarding problem-solving 

Comment on each Principle of Community Psychology (from Ch. 1) and if it is applied to this program, and comment, overall, on whether or not you think the Moving Forward program meets the spirit of Community Psychology 


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