Monarchy/Episcopalianism Government

The advantages of a Monarchy government are it only has one ruler. The government and the state are in high power and in a single person’s hands. These states are called a kingdom or empire. Another advantage is the power of the king or supreme magistrate has limitations by the constitution. It also gives less control to the ruler then despotism but also makes the population happier and more productive. The advantage of an Episcopalianism government is unity of structure, style and doctrine within church government. The disadvantage of a Monarchy is that you have more control over the people in your empire.
Therefore, the production capabilities within the cities will be very limited. The disadvantage of Episcopalianism government is authority is given to an office not a person. (Acts 6:36), (Acts 14:23). Republicanism/ Presbyterianism Government The advantages of a Republicanism government are citizens can participate in government and give there opinions. There is no dictatorship; citizens can elect representatives to office. The advantages of a Presbyterianism government it is an ideal system for the maintaining of proper church discipline.
It is also based on scripture principles; it is the nearest teachings of the Holy Scriptures on church government. “Christ is the great head of the church universal. ” “All church government must be subject to him alone” (Ephesians 5:23; Colossians 1:18) “The people have a right to substantive of government of the church”. “But all things must be done decently and in order”. (1 Corinthians 14:40; Acts 14:23) (Romans 3:1; 1 Timothy 6:3-5) (Galatians 4:21) The disadvantages of a Republicanism government are you cannot maintain martial law in a city under this government.

The bad thing about trading is you cannot have prosperity in your empire because the senate approves everything you do. The disadvantage of a Presbyterianism government is it has not totally removed all of the abuse and errors in the churches that have adopted it. It greatly reduces much time and effort in the decision-making, politics, and parties’ attitude. Has little or no accountability to the larger community of believers. Democracy/Congregationalism Government The advantages of a Democracy government are everyone has a voice in the decision-making. Citizens have the same rights and freedoms and all citizens are equal before the law.
They also have equal power; it also safeguards the interest of the people. It is known for stability, firmness and efficiency. The advantages of a Congregationalism government are the church appears to be independent in the New Testament, it also recognizes the importance of individual believers. It also accepts the bible as a sufficient rule in matters of faith and practice. The disadvantages of Democracy is it citizens because it does not establish dictatorship of majority. It ignores the minority and the minorities are oppressed if no party gets absolute majority coalition governments are formed. (Romans 13:1) (Peter 2:13-14)
The disadvantages of a congregationalism government are there are too many people foster independent spirits and opinions. It forms easy church splits and can lead to lack of history or past. There is too much authority given to an office competitiveness and lack of unity. (Matthew 18:18-20) In conclusion, I believe all of the forms of government can be of good nature where the government is concerned. It is also elements of all three forms of church governments in the New Testament. They all intertwine as co-existing in the government in many forms and fashions and bring a balance to our government as a whole.

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Monarchy/Episcopalianism Government
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