Modern Organizations and Healthcare – Week 3 Assignment 2

Modern Organizations and Healthcare – Week 3 Assignment 2
Final Project Topic Submission
Rather than a final examination, you will have a Final Project for this course.
Select a research topic that integrates a healthcare reform issue (insurance, doctor-patient relationships, medical records, patient privacy, HMOs, etc.) with healthcare management (Planning, Organizing, Controlling, HR management, etc.).
Submit your topic to the professor this week via the Final Project Topic Submission drop box.
The remainder of your project will be due in Week 8.
For your project you will write a 5 to 6 page paper and include the following:

Introduce the topic you are interested in learning about.
Write why you selected the topic
Identify and explain any issues.
Discuss historical developments of your healthcare reform issue (how did it become an issue and where does the issue stand today?).
Discuss how the issue affects healthcare management including suggestions for effective management in regards to dealing with the issue in healthcare settings.

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Modern Organizations and Healthcare – Week 3 Assignment 2
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Include material from our readings and utilize the university library to research at least 9 current scholarly, peer-reviewed references published within the past 5 years.  Cite all references and utilize APA format.


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