Modern Art History, Online Exam. Using whatsapp

 I need one primary writer to help with the Exam! For the Final Exam you will write two comparative visual analyses and complete two short answer questions. You have a total of 1 hour 45 minutes for the exam. Therefore, organize and read over your notes and Reading Assessments beforehand, print out the PowerPoint PDFs and re-familiarize yourself with all of the visuals, beginning with German Expressionism/Cubism through Postmodernism, so that you may be best prepared to take the exam. You may need to reference your textbook, which is fine. However, everything needs to be in your own words. Plagiarism of any sort will result in a zero score. Outside research beyond your text and lecture notes will result in a zero score. I would recommend that you provide yourself with 35 minutes for each comparative analysis, and 10-15 minutes for each short answer so that you have at least 5 minutes to review your answers prior to submission. The time is structured for prepared students; you should not have to look up all of this information but only make quick references to material that you are already familiar with. 

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Modern Art History, Online Exam. Using whatsapp
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