Summary of the Assignment: 
 Task:  you will write a memo to your instructor.  
Length:  300-450 words  
Description of the Memo: 
This assignment is designed to help prepare you in writing the white paper, which is the last writing assignment in the class. 
In writing this memo, please use the following format for the top of the memo: 
To: your instructor’s name From:  Date:  Subject:  
Then, in constructing the memo, answer the following questions by deleting the blue text in the brackets and replacing it with the requested information
What is your topic? 
[Describe the topic, at least at this point, for your white paper.  
In describing the topic, please explain the problem or issue that you will be addressing. 

 In addition, describe what your “new findings” will be in addressing that problem.  You might review the video from the Purdue OWL in case you need to review the “new findings” concept.  
This section of the memo can be one or two paragraphs.] 
  Who is your intended audience and what is their profile? 
[Identify your intended audience.  You might have several audiences.  In fact, you might have a primary audience and a secondary audience.  This section of the memo can be one or two short paragraphs.]   

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Length of the Paper:   
Your memo should be 300-450 words in length. 


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