Improve the safety of using medications  PowerPoint

NPSG Presentation (15 pts)
Requirements: Student will need to seek out a National Patient Safety Goal (NPSG) or Core Measure

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Investigate current NPSGs and Core Measures put forth by The Joint      Commission. 
-Do research as to what prompted the Joint Commission to institute the particular NPSGs or Core Measures. 
-Then perform a literature review on the topic and collect relevant information. —-Give specific  examples in your presentations.

-Critically appraise your evidence and information.
-Integrate knowledge and experience that you personally have had whether positively or negatively with the particular NPSG or core measure.   
-An example would be prevention of pressure ulcers where the patients were turned every two hours or were not turned at all during your shift at the hospital.

Group Presentation – Present and offer for discussion regarding the NPSG or Core Measure. 
-This should be done as if sharing at a staff meeting, taking about 15 minutes.     —-Use appropriate materials (handouts, samples, simple Power Point)- this needs to be kept pertinent. 
-Address key points and keep to allotted time. 


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