MBA programme

As a part of our syllabus of MBA programme in Semester-I, we are assigned some practical and theoretical project work. In partial fulfillment of the Managerial Accounting-I, course we have prepared a comprehensive project report in Financial Analysis of the company. Study of management will be immaterial if it is not coupled with study of financial aspect of the business. It gives the student an opportunity to learn the connection between comparison & execution to test & verify application of theories & help in the comparison of management theories and practice.
The study gives a chance to know about the profitability and financial position of the firm. We have chosen Wipro Limited which is a $3. 5 Billion Global company in Information Technology Services ,R&D Services, Business Process Outsourcing. With a sense of gratitude and respect, we would like to extend our heartiest thanks to all of those who provided help and guidance to make this project a big success. No Project is ever the outcome of single individual’s talent or effort. This work is no exception.
This project would not have been possible without the whole hearted encouragement, support and co-operation of our guide, friends and well-wishers. Although it is not possible for us to name and thank them all individually, we must make special mention of some of the personalities and acknowledge our sincere indebtness to them. The successful completion of this project rests on the shoulder of many persons who have helped us directly or indirectly. We wish to take this opportunity to express to all those, without whose help, completion of this project would have been difficult.

We are indebted and thankful to all the individuals who have guided, advised, inspired and supported us in making this project a success. Our gratitude to our honorable guide Prof. Nikunj Patel for giving us the opportunity for developing the project and his able guidance, inestimable motivation and constant encouragement throughout our project. Without his help this project would never have been realized in its entirety. We are especially thankful to our Head Of Department Prof. Bhavin Pandya for his valuable support in providing us the facilities and his valuable guidance for the development of this project.
Wipro Limited (Wipro), together with its subsidiaries and associates (collectively, the company or the group) is a leading India based provider of IT Services and Products, including Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services, globally. Further,Wipro has other business such as India and AsiaPac IT Services and products and Consumer Care and Lighting. Wipro is headquartered in Bangalore, India. Wipro Technologies is a global services provider delivering technology-driven business solutions that meet the strategic objectives clients. Wipro has 40+ ‘Centers of Excellence’ that create solutions around specific needs of industries.
Wipro delivers unmatched business value to customers through a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks and service delivery innovation. Wipro is the World’s first CMMi Level 5 certified software services company and the first outside USA to receive the IEEE Software Process Award. Wipro started in 1945 with the setting up of an oil factory in Amalner a small town in Maharashtra in Jalgaon District. The product Sunflower Vanaspati and 787 laundry soap (largely made from a bi-product of Vanaspati operations) was sold primarily in Maharashtra and MP. The company was aptly named Western India Products Limited.
The Birth of the name Wipro – As the organization grew and diversified into operations of Hydraulic Cylinders and Infotech, the name of the organization did not adequately reflect its operations. Azim Premji himself in 1979 selected the name “Wipro” largely an acronym of Western India Products. Thus was born the Brand Wipro. The name Wipro was unique and gave the feel of an ‘International” company. So much so that some dealers even sent their cheques favouring Wipro (India) Limited. Fortunately, the banks accepted them!! By the early 90s, Wipro had grown into various products and services.
The Wipro product basket had soaps called Wipro Shikakai, Baby products under Wipro Baby Soft, Hydraulic Cylinders branded Wipro, PCs under the brand name Wipro, a joint venture company with GE named Wipro GE and software services branded Wipro. The Wipro logo was a ‘W”, but it was not consistently used in the products. It was clearly felt that the organization was not leveraging its brand name across the various businesses. The main issue remained whether a diverse organization such as Wipro could be branded under a uniform look and feel and could there be consistent communication about Wipro as an organization.

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MBA programme
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