MBA Investments

MBA 6330
Research Paper Guidelines
Your research paper (about any Operations Management topic that interests you, for example Supply Chain Management, Dynamic Ticket Pricing, etc.) is to be the following:
1.  A traditional research paper, 10 pages (double-spaced) minimum with 10 references, appropriately CITED.  MLA Style or APA Style preferably.  Look here for assistance and guidance.
Here is an example of citing using APA style (McMurtrey, McGaughey, and Downey, 2009).  Here’s another one:
Downey, McMurtrey, and Zeltmann (2008) reported that…etc.
*Cite all authors the first time, afterwards you may use et al., like this (McMurtrey et al., 2009).  Here’s another one:
Downey et al. (2008) further noted that…etc.
** The ten pages do NOT count your cover page, table of contents, or bibliography.  I need 10 solid pages (OR MORE) of research at the Graduate School level.
2.  Make sure you have all the bibliometric information:  authors (ALL), pages, journal name, volume, number, page number, month/year/date/issue, and complete URL.  Here’s two examples of an appropriate citation:
Downey, James P.; McMurtrey, Mark E. and Zeltmann, Steven M. (2008). Mapping the MIS Curriculum Based on Critical Skills of New Graduates:  An Empirical Examination of IT Professionals.  Journal of Information Systems Education. Volume 19, Number 3, pp. 351-364.  Available at:
Here’s one that we are very proud of!
McMurtrey, Mark E.; Downey, James P.; Zeltmann, Steven M. and McGaughey, Ronald E. (2011). Seniors and Technology: Results from a Field Study. Journal of Computer Information Systems. Volume 51, Number 4, pp. 22-30.  
3.  It must not be from another class project.
4.  Final Paper Due Thursday, April 23rd at 11:59 p.m.
5.  A good source of information is the ABI Inform (or ProQuest) Research Database available online through Torreyson Library:     Look around here, you’ll find a lot.
(It changes a little bit every semester, lol.  Just plow on, you’ll find everything!)
Here is the direct link but it can be troublesome.  This is the direct link to “Databases A – Z”.  Once you get here, pick ProQuest ABI/Inform) and/or any of the others. 

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