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Explain the different activity levels of Management? A: The management of an Industry can be sub-divided Into the following different level: 1. Top Management: It consists of the board of directors and the principal offers such as the chief executive managing director and the others concerned with the general operation as distinct from some functional specialization. They are the ultimate level of authority in the operation of the enterprise. They set the objectives fine the goals, establish the policies, see the policies are put into effect and Judge the results.
Livingston has described the top management’s actual operation by listing it as follows: a: Decision- Making I) Origination versus confirmation or veto ii) Planning 1. Setting of goals What, How, Much, at what price, when and where. 2. Mechanism a) Process b) Structural organization and co-ordination c) Appointment of key personnel “I) Ponca 1) Definition General versus specific 2) Integration v) Implementation 1) Release of authority ) Financial 1) Selection of types of funds to be secured 2) Dilutions of profit.
B) Judicial I) Comparison of accomplishment with goal ii) Evaluation 1. Of accomplishment with the cost 2. Of alternative possibilities iii) Counsel In place of decision or command There are certain behavioral characteristics of top level executives given below: I. Drive pure physical energy is an absolute necessity n. A strong desire to become the top man “l. A willingness to work for long hours projecting an Image of success v. Management’s effectiveness

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MBA Answers
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