Mason-Caree, Renaissance Architecture

Part. B: Matson-Career. Since High Renaissance period was highly influenced by the Roman culture, the Roman orders of columns were applied in the architecture and most building plans and fade were symmetrical. One of the examples which can be brought from Roman times is the Matson-Career. It is an ancient building located in southern France, and considered to be one of the best preserved Roman temples. The three stepped floor was replaced with a tall platform, and the columns along the sides of the temple were converted to engage columns. Roman Architecture: Essential Humanities”) Units of measurements were based on the human scale and it was in mathematical proportions. One of the best examples of this is Laurent Library by Michelangelo. The Laurent Library was and still considered to be one of his greatest architectural achievements. The significance of the decoration of the library was the fact that they were handmade. The library is considered to be one of the most unified works of the High Renaissance in Florence. (“Laurent Library – Florence.
Laurent Library) The reason why Laurent Library is so special is the fact that it shows the most complete examples of mannerism as its structure, both interior and the furniture. Mannerism comes from the Italian word “mariner”, which meaner ‘style,’ and thus defines the sense of the artist’s characteristics. The root of “Mannerism” originates from Rome at the end of the Renaissance time period. Since it is during the Late Renaissance, it was greatly influenced by the classicism and naturalism of High Renaissance; which was the impact of reformation.
It was against he equilibrium of form and proportions of the Renaissance and it was notable in the way it was the period bridging the High Renaissance and the Baroque. The creation of Mannerism was the fine turning point of the historical and stylistic of the period in the way it was an explosion of originality but perfectly fits in the harmony of architectural forms. Laurent Library is unique in the way that it adapts mannerism but the late works of Michelangelo was influenced the mannerist.

Michelangelo was praised for his breaking of the ancient architectural theory while other architects ere strictly following the theories. One of examples in Laurent Library was the stairway; its intention of the existence was more like a freestanding sculpture rather than functional architecture. Michelangelo architecture engaged many classical styles like the columns, capitals, bases and myriad as well as other elements from ancient Greece and influenced modern society 21 the century. The Laurent Library is a demonstration of how architects can be creative. Mason-Career, Renaissance Architecture By leukemia

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Mason-Caree, Renaissance Architecture
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