marketing work


List the brand name and the type of campaign you have monitored over the past five weeks. (Example: Bed, Bath and Beyond’s “email and text message campaign” which I retrieved from my Smartphone, laptop and desktop computer.)
How often did this brand communicate with you via text and/or email? Several times per day? Once per Day? Twice per Week? (Example: I received one text message per week and about 35 emails over the five-week period. The brand also sent me approximately six direct mail postcards and two “tri-fold” postcards with its 20% off one item incentive.)
How did the brand speak to you via Text? Email? (Example: 100% of the text messages were SMS formatted meaning, they either included a static promotion of “Use your mobile offer now in-store or online” or they included a specific incentive “Your mobile offer for 20% off 1 item – valid for the next 24 hours – View Http: bedbathmobi./c/b2?p=yaddayaddayadda.” The email content included a lot more enticing incentives, messaging and visuals and always included some Call-to-Action statement such as “Save big online only – $20 off $75 for purchases made tonight”. The product selection was not personalized to my “needs and wants.” It always seemed like the brand presented/promoted specific products that were either seasonal or perhaps were overstocks they were trying to move. Lots of linens, curtains, small appliances were 20%-50% off.) 
What could the brand have done to enhance its mobile marketing effort? You should either provide a recommendation for improvement if their mobile efforts were ineffective or a recommendation for expansion if their mobile efforts were effective. Explanations that include key terms/concepts from Chapter 8 “Digital Marketing” and external source support garner higher scores for this assignment.
The application of sources/citations increase your score significantly. See rubric for details.

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