M4D1 330, 250 words

Compare and contrast the expectations and reality of working conditions and societal attitudes for Chinese and Japanese immigrants on the West Coast in the nineteenth century (CO#1, CO#2) 
Takaki uses the symbols “Money Trees” and “Gold Mountain” in the titles of his chapters on the Japanese and Chinese immigrants (Chapters 8 & 10) to describe the idealization of the United States for Chinese and Japanese immigrants coming to the West Coast in the nineteenth century.
Before beginning this discussion, read the Module Notes, the assigned chapters in Takaki and the following primary sources: Fu Chi Hao, My Reception in America and Lee Chew, A Chinese Immigrant Makes His Home in Turn-of-the-Century America. Also make sure to view the video segment, “Deadly Explosives on the Railroad Line”.

In a post of at least 250 words consider the following:
What were the major push and pull factors driving Chinese and Japanese immigration to the US? 
How did the realities of life in the United States for Chinese and Japanese immigrants compare to what they were hoping for when they immigrated? 
Support your answer with examples from Fu Chi Hao and Lee Chew’s stories and the video. 

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M4D1 330, 250 words
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