Logical Reasoning Ability

I have known Mr. Avvijit Tandon as my student for the past one year. He is basically a creative person, always trying to present his ideas in a creative manner. He has a good logical reasoning ability and will always try to solve problems efficiently. In addition,he has demonstrated excellent powers of observation, and has the ability to communicate and suggest changes that were effective upon implementation. From the beginning of the course,he began to re-define our expectations of a good student leader.
He regularly discussed with his fellow students about the subjects and brought in new ideas. Without prompting or precedence he spent several days working odd hours on his projects . Along the course he had an excellent sense of perception about the other subjects too, and improving the flow from one subject to the other and one concept to another concept – all to the great praise of both the staff and the fellow students in his class. He had also observed something about a common aspect of the learning process that was applicable to all subjects at our department.
He has written several assignments on our subjects, some of which have been excellent. He is always valued for his contribution and the skill and sensitivity with which he presented his ideas. Mr. Avvijit has also demonstrated his logical and analytical abilities in last one year. Being the COST ACCOUNTING teacher for Mr. Avvijit, I have seen him grow in communicative abilities tremendously over the last one year. His attentive listening and great enthusiasm has helped him overcome any language limitations.

He is both self- confident and independent, and has a great sense of humor that has helped him form strong relationships peers, and members of our staff. In all of these areas, Mr. Avvijit has gone beyond expectations, and has out-shined all others in his peer-group at our college. He is a very admirable and ambitious person. I have no doubt that he will be a serious and enthusiastic student, and someday a successful person that you would be proud to call him an alumni. I wish him all the best in his higher education and strongly recommend him for Masters at your esteemed university.

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Logical Reasoning Ability
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