Literary Analysis Essay

~Compare two (2) short stories. You will need to narrow the focus significantly, and do a fair comparison. For example, you could compare two (2) protagonists, or the settings and conflicts in two (2) stories, or the way the same theme plays out differently in two (2) stories. Remember to include at least three (3) literary elements and include your Literary LENS- perspective (e.g., Feminist, Marxist, Psychological and Psychoanalytic, New Historicism, or Formalism ).

#1 * The Birth-Mark~Nathaniel Hawthorne
#2 *Sonny’s Blues ~James Baldwin

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Literary Analysis Essay
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– When developing a literary analysis essay, you are responding to a work of the imagination.  Your goal is to write out your thoughts about a text, the ideas it contains, and the literary elements that develop these ideas.  Think of it as a way of unpacking the text, just as you have in your reading responses. *Do not write a plot summary.*

~ 3 Sources Min MLA 8th ed….12 Font..Work Cited 
~700-900 Words
~Thesis & Lens in introduction. Thesis 1 sentence/ last sentence of intro paragraph
~Third person POV


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