Life’s Journey

Life is an art of seeing everything as a purpose (Bangot, L. B.), this is what the statement of one writer when he wrote a fictional story “10:12’s Purpose”. Yes, everything has a purpose. The bad things that happened, this essay that I’m writing, all has a purpose. We cannot predict what will happen tomorrow, only God knows. The journey I life is the only journey that has many path. Everyone who takes has a different and unique road of adventure but what makes them common? Man has only two destinations. It’s our choice to where to go and whom to follow. How will we know our destination here on earth, simply, as we goes on with our lives, our hearts will lead us to where we should be going.
President Fr. Robert Lawton, S. J. said during a baccalaureate mass: “So what is the answer to this deep insecurity that we all feel?” this is really an awakening statement. We never noticed about it but we sometimes feel it. What is really the answer to this great insecurity that is in us? Are we really insecure? One thing that will only answer these questions; we don’t have all what we want.
Not all the goods are on our side. Even if all goods are there, there is still unsatisfaction and man will still crave for something that is better than what he have now. Even the most beautiful woman has an ugly that is in her. We are not perfect. We are made to be human beings. We don’t have that supernatural ability that will give us everything. If we have all, are we happy? Sometimes, but do we have a joyful life? Joy is different from happiness. Joy is felt even in the rainy season of our lives.

We cannot feel this joy unless we do not feel insecurity. I remember a verse in the bible, it is on John 16:24 and it says “Until now yo0u have not ask for anything in my name, ask and you will received and your joy will be complete”. What a wonderful statement of Jesus. We can only have what we ask in prayer if we believed in Him as our savior. Believing means following what the Lord has said or commands and imitating His deeds. We can only have this if we accept Jesus as our Lord. The answer to our insecurity is the salvation that we can get from believing in Jesus.
We will only be saving if we believe. In Ephesians 2:8-9 it says “For it is by grace that you have been saved, through faith….and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God-not by works, so that no one can boast”. It is only a gift from God. Every good works that we did will not be credited for our salvation. Our works (good works) are just an outflow of our faith. Jesus came into the world as a man and has nothing. Yet he wasn’t insecured because He knows who He is.
He owns the riches of this world. What really is the most important to us? For me, it is the salvation. I would prefer to have all the bad things here on earth than to have no salvation. If I have the Christ living in me, why should I be insecure, my home is in heaven. In the statement of Fr. Lawton truly the journey to be oneself is the riskiest. If we have God living in our hearts, we have all the trials and testing of faith. We will be prune in order to bear fruits. It is the riskiest because the road ahead is a narrow road.
If we claim to be a Christian (meaning: a person who follow Christ) then to be ourselves is to be a Christian. A Christian should be holy, humble, and everything you think that is right and good. A Christian knows God’s will. How, by meditating the bible. In Joshua 1:8 it says “Do not let this book of law depart form your mouth, meditate on it day and night, so that you will be very careful to do everything written on it, then you will be prosperous and successful”. Meditating is the only way to know what really God wants us to do.
I am now in the stage to make my first pace in life. It is now the time that I will be equipped with knowledge about life. A four year University sounds like the entrance to be a real person. I feel excited but nervous, excited because I was given a chance to fulfill my dreams.
This essay is the proof of the opportunity, but I feel nervous because I do not know what will happen to me, but one thing for sure, it is for my good. If I do not go to this University, I will be stuck as a person with no use (in the case the opportunity will just pass by without me grabbing it). I believed that Loyola Marymount University can give me not only the education that I need but the equipping to be oneself as well. In this school I will learn everything to be a person and not just that; I will also be equipped with God’s word.
That is the most important of all. But because I’m still here on earth, I should also know what is happening and how to deal life here on earth. Also, I believe that LMU can give me the motivation that I need to pursue my journey. In other words, inspiration can also be taken when I’ll be inside the University listening to my teacher. But as for now, my only dream is to be part of the University and my only hold is the faith that God will give me a chance to study in LMU and be equipped for the life’s journey.
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Life’s Journey
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