Leaders We Need Now

The Leaders We Need Now From the Erickson’s Research article we came to learn about the three different generations of managers who tend to lead the corporate world. The baby boomers a generation who born from 1946 to 1964 have been in charge for past few decades. Boomers grew up in a world of competition where winning was very important. The next generation was the Xers, born from 1961 to 1981. Xers were more likely to reject the traditional definitions of success and wanted to make their own way.
The generation Y which came after the Xers, born from 1980 to early 2000 was also the children of baby boomers. Here we noticed that Boomers wanted to hold the position and power thinking that the Xers did not have the ability to run the business. Boomers didn’t want to retire from there work and they worked late in their life. In present competitive world we need leader who will possess the ability to build network and make strong communication throughout the business.
Leader should have high experience, business-relevant knowledge, vision, decisiveness, and commanding ability. Leader must create an identity of the organization to its customers. This identity will tie its customer to the organization. Future leaders will face a complex, rapidly changing environment and problems of different types. The leader needs to compete with these challenges and seek for success from different viewpoints. The generation Xers has this type of qualities or factors. They are the potential in charge of the business world.

Generation X employees will bring a new change to the leadership of corporations, because they are dissatisfied with corporate life badly. Xers are the underappreciated workforces. They are the sandwich generation between two larger cohorts: Baby Boomers and the Generation Y. And they think that they will loose management jobs because Boomers and Gen Y share a natural relationship. But if we give them the chance to lead when their time arrives, their skill, knowledge and authority roles will serve the modern corporate world effectively. Md. Shafquat Husain.

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Leaders We Need Now
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