Labor Relations

In your reading, What’s the Difference Between Public and Private Sector Unions, (  the author indicates that collective bargaining in the government sector may be anti democratic as it engages primarily political rather than economic power; often results in no impact to the employer (government) as costs of increased contract demands are passed on to the taxpayer or national/state debt levels; and that strikes are not an economic weapon against the employer, but hurt the poorest in our society. 

Make a brief argument in support of or against the premise of this article. Defend your position.

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Labor Relations
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Use one additional reference.

Discussion #2
Locate and briefly summarize a case decision where an employer or union was found guilty of bad faith bargaining ( or not!). Briefly summarize the decision and explain whether you agree or disagree with the outcome.
Make sure to post the URL and the full APA reference.


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