K-19 Disaster

Leadership is the process in which an individual influences the group of individuals to attain a common goal. Good leadership ensures that the goal is attained by mutual cooperation and cohesive behavior. An effective leader infuses a sense of positivist and efficiently directs others to reach the specified goal.
The captain in the movie placed too much emphasis on power. A captain who attempts to control circumstances with power most often becomes authoritarian in his expression which can lead to dissent among subordinates. On the other hand, a captain who communicates effectively and collaborates with all team members is often respected and becomes more successful. In K- 10, the co-captain was an antithesis to the actual captain. The stark contrast between the two men’s leadership styles conveyed a message about the relative effectiveness of each one.
The crew embers were more loyal to the co-captain because he worked as a team to reach a goal Instead of ordering his subordinates around. When disaster struck the crew was more apt to follow orders from the authority figure who worked with them as a team because they trusted him to care for their well-being. The only way to efficiently govern a large number of people is to instill a sense of trust. Those who abuse their power will not be trusted and thus will not become effective leaders. During war time people tend to experience and strong sense of nationalism.

A citizen of Russia n the movie would feel patriotism for his own country starting at a very early age. It’s a socio-cultural phenomenon that has been examined for ages. Many social psychologists believe that the patriotism is derived from the innate human desire to belong. Therefore, when Russian begins to experience military tensions during the onset of WWW, many citizens felt the need to defend and protect not only the country’s honor, but their own as well. This explains why it was so hard for the captain to abandon the mission that his government had assigned him to.
He felt that it was only right to risk his life defending his country and his own reputation, When technology advances rapidly, there is often a discrepancy between the capabilities of technology and the capabilities of the people in charge of said technology. Examples of such discrepancies can be found throughout all time periods. During the industrial revolution, for example, the technology allowed for mass production of goods, but the society of the time did not have regulations in place to successfully prepare workers for the hazardous conditions. As a result many lives were tragically lost.
During WWW, Germany was beginning to use planes In the war. However, the first airplane had been flown Just over a decade earlier and the technology was still in its Infancy. Consequently, the average life p of a fighter pilot In WWW was only two weeks. When watching K-19 it is quite easy to understand why such a disaster could occur. The government at the time was desperate to have the cutting-edge technology, but did not have time to properly train those who would be working with the equipment. In today’s society our technology Is once again advancing at a 1 OFF startling rate.
As social medial becomes more prominent, minors are more expos to the adult world and the dangers that accompany it. We must be careful, as a society, to guard against technology being controlled by those who don’t know how to properly utilize it. The movie was a powerful, reality based drama that causes viewers to consider the effects of nuclear power and the dangers of radiation. However, it also has underlying tones that speak to the very nature of humans. Leadership skills, nationalism, and technological innovation continue to be pressing issues in society throughout the ages.

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K-19 Disaster
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