Java Programming Assignment

After reading the chapter, you should complete the two exercises at the end of the chapter. 
The first requires you to create a class of objects for bank accounts and gives you some guidance about what needs to be included in the class.  The second requires you to design a class of your own.
You can create a UML diagram by inserting a table with one column and three rows in a Microsoft Word document. 
You can create an annotated UML diagram by inserting a table with two columns and three rows in a Microsoft Word document, then merging the two columns in the top row. 
 Submit your work as two PDF files zipped together.  The first should include the UML diagram for the Bank Account Class from exercise 1. The second should include a descriptive paragraphs and the UML diagram for exercise 2.  You can create aPDF file from a Word document by using “Save As … ” , then choosing the PDF file type
A Word document with the sample UML diagrams for the Employee class from chapter 8 are included here and in the Chapter files.

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Java Programming Assignment
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