Is Fashion Important ?

IS FASHION IMPORTANT ? Fashion is a lifestyle to maintain their appearance and enhance their self-confidence. Fashion is most commonly associated with clothing, but it even applies to anything from interior architecture, to models to toys. It is a spirit, where an individual is comfortable with his mod of clothing and converts this comfort into a personal style. It is a way of measuring a mood can be useful in many aspects, culturally, socially even psychologically. Perhaps the most distinctive quality about the fashion since the early times is that it is increasing in simplicity.
Fashion will make someone become more confident with herself. This causes them to abuse the existing fashion. Too many kinds of fashion has found nowadays especially among teenagers. They are fond of wearing clothes that do not cover themselves from the cover themselves. But they do that because they want to care of personal appearance. With style, we can see a person’s personality. Besides that, among girls and young women, ridiculing each other’s outfits and appearances can be a form of bullying. The appearances of the homeless can keep people from offering them jobs.
Fashion models tend to be skinny to the extent that it is extremely unhealthy. Fashion can consume money and resources that could be put to uses that help society more. Having a personal style that is unique, yet fashionable can give a person more confidence. Trendily dressed people tend to attract more positive attention. Dressing age appropriately causes people to respect you more. People who are not dressed age appropriately tend to attract scorn and ridicule. In conclusion, fashion is good because it can boost our confident level and makes people comfortable to hang out with us.

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Is Fashion Important ?
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