Investment Plan Propsal

Jackson is a recently graduated 44-year-old, single man. He earned his B.S. in Criminal Justice and just recently started a job at the local police department earning $45,000 a year. Jackson pays child support for one child from a previous marriage. His student loans total $30,000, and he has no other debt at this time. He expects to have $200 a month to contribute toward his goals of owning a home and having a more secure retirement. 

 write an APA-formatted, 3- to 4-page proposal advising a Jackson about investing for the future. The text of your proposal should be a minimum of 700 words. You may add any graphics or illustrations that support your proposal.
Address the following in your proposal:
· Why is investment planning important?
· How would you suggest your friend start retirement planning? What steps should he/she take to start?
· What investment strategy would you suggest? Why? (Note: Your strategy should explain how money could be invested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds or a mix of all.)
· Of what risks and rewards of investing should your friend be aware? 
· How could your friend minimize the risks associated with investing risk?
· Provide two to three resources you would offer to your friend to continue learning more about investments and retirement planning and discuss how these can help.

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Investment Plan Propsal
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