Investigate Development Case: Self-Regulation

MAKE A DECISION: How would you describe Randy’s problems in his workplace and what is your recommendation in how to address these issues?

Other than his temper, Randy is a good employee. As valuable as he is, it’s probably best to encourage Randy to seek counseling and limit his contact with coworkers.
It is of concern that Randy does not really think he has a problem. He should be required to complete an anger management program while remaining at work under close supervision.
Randy clearly has some serious problems. He should be suspended until he has successfully completed an anger management program and then return to work as a probationary employee.
Employers really cannot afford to keep employees who exhibit bad tempers. Randy should be terminated quietly with severance pay and insurance coverage to continue counseling.

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Investigate Development Case: Self-Regulation
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Think about the factors that influenced your recommendation for Randy. Why did you choose the option that you did? Include these aspects of Randy’s situation in your response:

Randy’s personal history with anger and other impulse control issues
The impact of anger in the workplace, in families, and on society as a whole
The likelihood that an anger management program will be successful
The legal and ethical issues posed by the situation and your positions on those issues

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