Introduction of Policing

The duties, functions and responsibilities of local state law enforcement agencies are done by the police department. And this consists of patrolling, administrative, training and technical support. There is also arresting of law violators, performing routine patrol, investigation of crimes, enforcing traffic laws, providing traffic and crowd control at parades, public events and issuing special license and permits. One major thing is upholding the law and preventing crime.
And last but not least is to protect and serve our people. The duties, functions and responsibilities of the state law enforcement agencies are done by the Highway patrol mainly. And this consists of dealing with growing crime in non-urban are of the country. This is linked with politics and urban and country corruption. They also provide escort and body guard services to the governor and any other type of governor. They also provide security for the property that they live in. Also look into arson and investigations of homicides.
They patrol small towns and state highways, regulate traffic and crimes from crossing the borders of different jurisdiction and prevent crime. And which, the state laws are being enforced. The major differences between Local and state law enforcement agencies are pretty much there jurisdiction, certain crimes that they work on, staffing and support. The local police stay with in their jurisdiction and if for some reasons it becomes a state’s job it is handed over. They also try and prevent any type of overlapping.

The three federal law enforcement agencies that I found interesting to talk about are FBI, CIA and the DEA. FBI: Federal Burial of Investigations, Upholds law of the United States, they look at state and local laws and investigates federal crimes and prosecutes within federal law. They also prosecute and investigate fugitives. Also they investigate bombings, mail fraud, kidnapping and serial killers. CIA: The Central Intelligence Agency, national security for the United States which is Presidency protection, special intelligence work including other countries.
The CIA pretty much works for the President of The United States. To collect, evaluate and decimate foreign intelligence to assist the president and senior U. S. Government. Also does policy makers in making decisions when it comes to national security. DEA: Drug Enforcement Agency, Enforces the United States governments laws and regulations regarding controlled substances. Responsibilities are to identify arrest and successfully prosecute offenders. Also evolved in investigation of drug trafficking. This was an interesting check point assignment and very educational.

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Introduction of Policing
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