Intro to Business Unit 2 Comparing Business forms


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Intro to Business Unit 2 Comparing Business forms
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Compare: Business Forms

Evaluation Title: Comparison of Business Forms

Compare 4 business forms: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, and C Corporation as well as either the Limited Liability Company (LLC) or the S Corporation.


  • Compare the components of the 4 business forms.  For each type of business structure:
    • Discuss the difficulty of forming that type of business structure.
    • Explain liability issues.
    • Describe legal and operational requirements.
    • Explain the party responsible for business management.
    • Describe how taxes apply to the type of business structure.
    • In addition to the information above, select one of the chosen business structures and discuss the issues that arise during the operation of business due to the way the business is legally structured.
  • Create an 8 to 10 slide visually-appealing PowerPoint presentation to present ideas. 
  • Include speaker notes on each slide with the information above.
  • Complete additional research on this information and include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources to support ideas.
  • Utilize correct APA formatting, cite and reference materials appropriately.
  • For additional help with the creation of the PowerPoint, visit Microsoft PowerPoint Support


Microsoft. (2017). Create your first powerpoint 2013 presentation. Retrieved from



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