Influence Tactics Assessment

(1.5-3 pages, Times New Roman 12-point font size, Double-Spaced).
Complete the Influence Tactics Assessment – CLICK HERE . This self-assessment is designed to help you understand different forms of influence when working with others (coworkers, bosses, peers, subordinates etc), as well as estimate your preference for each influence tactic in this context.  Complete this assessment three different times: one with your immediate boss in mind; the other with a coworker/peer in mind, and lastly with someone who reports to you/direct report in mind.
CLICK HERE for an Excel version of the Influence Tactics Assessment.
1.      Which influence tactics do you use most often with your immediate boss, coworker, and direct report? Why do you tend to rely on these particular tactics? (tactics with highest scores for each of the three colleagues) 
2.      Which influence tactics do you tend to use less often? Why? (tactics with lowest scores for each of the three colleagues)
3.      Comment on the effectiveness of the influence tactics you use with each of the three colleagues. 
4.      Which influence tactics do you feel you need to work on?

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Influence Tactics Assessment
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