industrial technology

Task 2 – Individual Report
For report writing, please use APA format (Max 10 pages Time New Roman font 12, 1 1/2 space including front matters, body and back end matters). 
Please use the following outline for the individual report:

Introduction – technology researched for      this project, significance and value of technology, team formation and      task assignments, etc. 
Background – history, major development,      research questions, hypotheses, social and culture settings, text book      relevance, e.g.: driving forces, technology diffusion, global impact and      convergence, technology determinism, etc.
Results- literature review, personal      interview, major findings, data, pictures, videos, society impacts,      trends, points related to topics in the textbook, answers to research      questions, possible theory and explanation of phenomena for proposed hypotheses,      etc.
Conclusions and Discussions – summary of      your work, surprises, serendipities, discussions of what learned related      to technology, research process, team work, course goals, etc.

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industrial technology
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I already did task 1 and i will attach the file because you will need it because task 1 and 2 are connected and because task 1 has the topic and everything you need.


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