individual Student Team Project Assessment

write a five-to-eight page assessment of his or her team’s project planning, climate of motivation, decision making and communication. Special attention will be given to the balance between planning the task and motivating the people and the use of the Six Thinking Hats approach. The climate of motivation section for the paper should contain the following: For one work week (5 days) compose a daily reflection on “What event stands out in my mind from the workday, and how did it affect my inner work life?” At the conclusion of the week, write a short (1-2 page) summary assessment of the motivational climate of your week at work. Grades will be based on the accurate use of multiple concepts from the session’s readings to analyze the team’s success.
Please organize your paper by the following:

Title page in proper APA format
Introduction section with a thesis to synthesize what the paper will discuss
Subheading titles: a. Project Planning, b. Climate of Motivation, c. Decision Making, and d. Communication
Conclusion section References section in proper APA format

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individual Student Team Project Assessment
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