Individual Project

Prepare  an 8 page APA style paper and at least 3 additional peer reviewed resources. Include an introduction and  conclusion in the paper. Remember to use APA formatted headings for each  section of the paper and provided in text citations of the sources you  use. This paper should address the following questions:
(1)  Does Blockchain technology have the potential to cause the paradigm  shift in business practices that many experts are predicting? Explain  why or why not.  Support your answer with research. 
(2)  Is there evidence to suggest that Blockchain technology will change the  way HR is practiced? If there is, discuss that evidence. If there is  not, what issues exist that impede its adoption?
(3)  Which functions of human resource management could be most impacted by  Blockchain technology? How might the HR functions change? Support your  answer with research.
Course writing requirements:

References  MUST be cited within your paper in APA format. Your reference page and  in-text citations must match 100%. Papers without in-text citations will  earn failing grades.
Always include a cover page and reference page with ALL submissions (even initial discussion posts) 
Provide  the EXACT web link on the reference page citations for all online  sources – do not provide just the home page, but the EXACT LINK – I  check all sources
No abbreviations, no contractions – write formally
Write in the third person formal voice (no first or second person pronouns)
Write MORE than the minimum requirement of the word count assigned
As  always, the word count is ONLY for the BODY of the paper – the cover  page, reference page, and / or Appendix (if included) do not count  towards the word count for the paper 
Indent the first line of each new paragraph five spaces
Use double-spacing / zero point line spacing, a running header, page numbers, and left justify the margins.

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