Inbox me discussion answer with reference

Download the American Government textbook (PDF version) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to view the page numbers, which you need to cite in your response to the below prompt. You will not see page numbers if you just view the book online.
Prompt: Using Chapter 2 of the American Government textbook, identify one of the points of contention at the Constitutional Convention. Briefly summarize your chosen debate and make sure to clearly explain the compromise that was reached on this debate. Address which side won (that is, the delegates on one side of the debate got more out of the compromise) and why. If neither side won more, explain why the compromise reached was fair and balanced.
Initial post is due Thursday; 2 follow-ups are due by Sunday. No posts will be accepted after Sunday.
Support your statements by bringing in and explaining the definitions and examples in the text. *In all discussions, make sure to cite which pages you are referencing. For example, “According to page 26….” or “The author states that the political process matters because… (pg. 26).”

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Inbox me discussion answer with reference
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