Imposing the Minimum Wages

Minimum wage is the least amount of pay that a person receives for the job that he/she performs. The minimum wage in Massachusetts is $5.50. A job that pay”s minimum wage offers little or no opportunity for improvement. Majority of the people who work for minimum wage are students, people with little education, or immigrants. Fast food restaurants such as Burger King and Mc Donald”s are examples of jobs that pay minimum wage.
The minimum wage in Massachusetts is $5.50. A job that pay”s you minimum wage usually offers little or no opportunity for improvement. Such a job offers experience in the fields of, how to make a hamburger, French fries, and chicken crisps. The only true experience you get from this type of a job is dedication. In order to show that you obtained this experience you must stick with the job for some time. People will not hire you because of the experience you have fro making French fries, but they might hire you for showing dedication.
It does not come to me as a surprise that the majority of the people who work for minimum wage are either students, people with little education or immigrants. Students work because they need the job, and because they have not yet obtained real experience. People with little education work for minimum wage because that is the only job they can find, in order to have a job that pays more you either need experience or education. Immigrants who come to America may have some education but they can”t find a better job because they do not speak English. Until they learn our language, minimum wage is the only way of supporting them selves.

The most common place to find a minimum wage job is a fast food restaurant. Restaurants such as Mc Donald”s and Burger King are famous for it. What made them famous is not the minimum wage but the fact that low skills are required. Since low skills are required anybody can work there. It is easy to find a job in places such as these but a price does come with it. The managers show little sympathy for scheduling. In most restaurants it”s either their way or no way.
In conclusion, minimum wage is only good when it is your first or second job. If you want real experience, and better pay go through a temp agency to obtain a job in a company. The work will be hard but the paycheck will be much heavier.

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Imposing the Minimum Wages
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