Importance of Attending All Your Classes

So have you ever asked yourself or wondered: What’s the importance of attending all your classes, and what’s the importance of actively participating in class discussions? Well you will soon find out that it is so very important that you do attend all your classes and that you are actively participating in class discussions. First let’s answer what’s the importance of attending all your classes? Well to start off with attending class helps you to learn in many different ways.
Lectures help you out on reading assignments, class presentations show information differently than the text, discussion of topics provides current or new information, and hearing comments and questions of others may answer your own questions. Taking your classes seriously is the only way that you will ever do well in college. Going to class is a good thing because well you paid for it. Why throw your money away simply because you don’t feel like going? Don’t let your teacher get free money, and then give them an excuse to fail you.
Why would you even sign up for college if you weren’t going to go to class in the first place? There is no reason not to go to class if you are going to college. That is why you go to school, because you are taking classes to learn. It’s only beneficial to you! Moving on, what’s the importance of actively participating in class discussions? Well the most important reason is that the teacher will consider your participation as a positive sign you are listening, willing to cooperate and most importantly willing to learn.

And it also means that you are alert and thinking about what’s being taught. In addition you may have valuable opinions and ideas which your classmates or teacher may need or want to hear. If you don’t speak up and share, how will they know? Also you learn more by challenging and discussing the idea or topic presented. And lastly some classes may give a participation credit. So the more you participate in class discussions the better participation grade you will receive and you’ll learn more that way too!
So just go to class, and participate in class discussions. It can be annoying, but you will get more out of the class if you take if you actually go. Sure, class can be boring, and they can be really early or late sometimes, but it pays to go. You learn more, you get more information, it’s beneficial for you and you get the most for the money that you paid for school. It is a huge investment, and you should take it seriously.

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Importance of Attending All Your Classes
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