ICT Communications coursework

I have decided to look at the mobile phone market for my presentation. My presentation will show how over a relatively short period of time mobiles have become an important item in a lot of peoples lives. What makes the different phones so appealing, especially to teenagers. I will show the good things about owning one and also the disadvantages, this will also include the dangers of owning a mobile phone, such as “mugging”. The reason for choosing this presentation is that most teenagers I know own a mobile phone.
This will enable me to investigate what makes them so popular, how the mobile phone companies are encouraging their products to be bought and what new features the latest models have, the prices charged, different models and health risks. My presentation will also include information about how the mobile phone companies are encouraging youngsters to buy by adding games, putting newer, smaller models onto the market and which are attractive to the target group & why. I will also include a questionnaire designed to show what attracts people into buying a mobile phone.
The questionnaire will be targeted for my peer group at school and will be designed to find out what influences, either external/internal persuades the purchase of a phone. * From the questionnaire I will be able to plot the influences on buying decisions such as advertising, price, network, peer pressure etc. * I will also include some exhaustive research into the data of the current mobile phone companies pricing structures. Target Audience My target audience will be teenagers but I am sure their parents would be interested as well.

My presentation will recognise that teenagers have a keen interest in obtaining and knowing about the latest models available, what the different phones cost and once bought the different prices charged for calls and text messages. I will also show what software is around. Most teenagers know that there might be a risk for their health in using mobiles and I will present some information and research into this. Most teenagers know someone who has or have themselves been mugged for their mobile so I feel they will be interested in knowing how to help this not happening to them.
My presentation will need to be lively, colourful and interactive so as to keep the attention of the age group I am aiming for. My presentation will include views from teenagers on what they look for in a phone, the age they first got a phone, how often they use it and whether anyone has tried to rob them of it. My presentation will also include pictures and descriptions of various phones, Research I will create questionnaires and leave them in local primary and secondary schools for youngsters to fill in.
I will use the Internet to obtain information about the different phone companies, their tariffs and latest models. I will contact the phone companies to find out their price range and what new software will be coming up in the future. I will create a database, which will include a snapshot of the best-known mobile phone companies, their latest products and the prices charged. I will investigate through the police station the best way of keeping mobiles safe and research through the Internet, mobile phone shops and papers health related issues.

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ICT Communications coursework
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