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Create a Portfolio in Microsoft Word that focuses on the group of students in your program of study. Include the following:
Cover page
Table of Contents
Section title pages

“My Philosophy of Classroom Management” – Write a 2-3-paragraph description of the
culture you will promote in your classroom. Include broad expectations of the
teacher and the students.
“Classroom Procedures” –Include five from the “Procedures” assignment.
“Rules, Consequences, and Reward System” – Include a rationale for your system.
“Communication with Parents/Guardians” – Identify at least three ways you will communicate with parents and include a rationale for each.
Student Engagement Strategies” – Summarize three ways to keep your students engaged. Include drawings of classroom arrangements and how you would implement the drawings in your future classroom.
“Professionalism” – Summarize ten ways of being professional with students, parents, co-workers, and administrators. Also, include your areas of strength, an area for
improvement, and why professionalism is important.

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