I need a narrative essay following these instructions

The essay is about the picture that is attached 
Please include a sonnet poem of 12 lines with the rhyme scheme ababcdcdeeff about the picture at the top of your narrative essay (ALL in one word document)

Here are the instructions:

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I need a narrative essay following these instructions
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Whatever issue you selected, you should write a story that is not about you, but that contains at least two characters other than yourself. The idea is that you are able to think beyond just you and can see the world from a different point of view. Your characters can be human, animals, a plastic bottle, a fish, a turtle, an alien from Mars, anyone or anything. Be creative. Its up to you, but it definitely can not be about you. Your opening scene must contain the following:

1-a descriptive setting (describe your fictional world using the senses. Describe how it looks and feels to be there. Use the stories we read as models for your setting, especially “All Summer in a Day”)
2-add character development (introduce the the two main characters. Who are they? What makes them unique? How do they look?)
3-Dialogue (make the characters have a conversation and interact with each other)
4-Find a couple of quotes in the “All Summer in a Day” story, and use creative imitation to add figurative language to your narrative–things such as similes, metaphors and imagery.


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