Hrm Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal Assignment Enclosure: Excel Sheet for Rough Work (In Mail) Submitted by: Group: 10 Kumar Gauraw (15) Ajay Gupta (37) Rajumoni Saikia(48) Tarakeswar Das(49) Question: How will you use Different methods to assess her performance? Answer: Graphic Rating Scale Graphic rating scales are one of the most common methods of performance appraisal. Graphic rating scales require an evaluator to indicate on a scale the degree to which an employee demonstrates a particular trait, behaviour, or performance result.Rating forms are composed of a number of scales, each relating to a certain job or performance-related dimension, such as job knowledge, responsibility, or quality of work. Graphic rating scales have a number of advantages: 1. Standardization of content permitting comparison of employees. 2.
Ease of development use and relatively low development and usage cost. 3. Reasonably high rater and ratee acceptance. Disadvantages 1. They are susceptible to rating errors which result in inaccurate appraisals.Possible rating errors include halo effect, central tendency, severity, and leniency. 2.
Restrictions on the range of possible rater responses. 3. Differences in the interpretations of the meanings of scale items and scale ranges by raters. 4. Poorly designed scales that encourage rater errors. CASE SOLUTION Following Graphic Rating Scale can be used to assess the performance of Ms. Prachi Jindal.

[pic] [pic] Behaviour rating scale: Behaviourally anchored rating scales (BARS) are rating scales whose scale points are defined by statements of effective and ineffective behaviours.They are said to be behaviourally anchored in that the scales represent a continuum of descriptive statements of behaviours ranging from least to most effective. An evaluator must indicate which behaviour on each scale best describes an employee’s performance. BARS differ from other rating scales in that scale points are specifically defined behaviours. Also, BARS are constructed by the evaluators who will use them. There are four steps in the BARS construction process: 1.Listing of all the important dimensions of performance for a job or jobs  2.
Collection of critical incidents of the effective and ineffective behaviour. 3. Classification of effective and ineffective behaviours to appropriate performance dimensions  4. Assignment of numerical values to each behaviour within each dimension (i. e. , scaling of behavioural anchors). • COMMUNICATION [pic] She could be given Score of “6” because she handled and communicated well, as we don’t have information regarding her consistency so we can’t give score of “7”.
INTERPERSONAL [pic] She could be given Score of “6” because of her good Interpersonal Skills, as we don’t have information regarding her consistency so we can’t give score of “7”. • STRESS TOLERENCE [pic] She could be given Score of “6” because she handled the stressful situation well and in spite of verbal anger shown by the customer she maintained cool and calm and focused on the objective of resolving the issue, as we don’t have information regarding her consistency so we can’t give score of “7”.CRITICAL INCIDENT METHOD |Continuing Duties |Targets |Critical Incidents | |Attend Calls From Customer |95% of the callers should be satisfied after|She could made the customer happy while receiving | | |putting their problem in front of the |the calls | | |Customer Care Executive. | |Personal Traits while receiving calls |90% of the situations the Customer Care |She could manage to keep herself cool and calm | | |Executive have to be cool and calm. |while talking to the Customer. | |Product knowledge |The Customer Care Executive should have the |She have shown a good knowledge about the product | | |knowledge of the product. as she was able to detect the problem.
| |Identification of problems |95% of the situations the Customer Care |She could identify the problem with in a very | | |Executive should be able to find the |short time. | | |intricacy of the problem. | |Communication with the Manufacturer |95% of the situations the Customer Care |She was able to convey the problem to the | | |Executive should be able to convey the |Manufacturer in a much satisfying manner | | |problem to the Manufacturer. | |Prompt in taking action |90% of the situations the Customer Care |She was prompt in taking action for resolving the | | |Executive should be prompt in taking |issue | | |corrective action. | |Time taken to resolve the issue |95% of the situations the Customer Care |She was able to resolve the problem within 15 | | |Executive should resolve the problem in the |minutes of the call. | | |same day. | | The Critical incident collected could be of great help in performing her Performance Appraisal more accurately”.
Question: – What help do you take from this case in making use of HR policy? alignment. Ans: – With the learning’s from this case following HR policies could be thought to for implementation. • Recruitment ; Selection: Care should be taken to evaluate Candidate based on the behavioural ; overall factors before selecting. • Behavioural Training: Behavioural Training must be imparted to all and periodically assessment. • Product Knowledge: Training regarding technical ; overall product should be given from time to time about new ; exhausting product. • Cross Cultural Training: Training to adapt, understand ; perform in multicultural environment should be imparted. [pic][pic][pic]

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