Hr Aspect of a Company

This could be training the knowledge and clarity of thought that a retain kind of person is required to do a certain kind of task with a certain form of talent. Then starts the deal of profiling the said candidates and the best are chosen and taken aboard. The resumes of these candidates strictly related to the work the employee is meant to do or various other forms of training methods to improve the overall efficiency of the individual (Asks and Bellower 640). Training and development are closely related.
All kinds of development that is seen in an employee stems from training In his/her work field or otherwise however, all forms of training need not serially lead to assured development. This Is when the human resources wing of the company comes Into the picture and Is expected to do a good Job. Calabash, Van Dam and Hutchins (2010) stated that “I didn’t list listening as one of my skills, probably because I TLD hear what the Interviewer asked” (p. 1 94). This Is a typical problem with inefficient human resources and it should be countered appropriately.
The entire process of recruitment begins with are then studied to understand where their career is headed. This is done to keep in mind in case later on there is a chancy in a different position, the same people can be employed instead of hiring fresh from outside. In this article, the training programs available at the Marriott International Group of Hotels will be discussed at length. To start off, it is important to understand and accept that the labor force employed In the hotel and hospitality industry is the most refined and expensive.

As a result, It Is essential that through various motivational, skill oriented and product related training, this workforce Is retained by a substantial period of time. Else the cost of recruiting fresh people will e unnecessary. This brand Is one of the top In the world, so as part of their corporate training responsibility, they ensure that proper training is meted out to each and every member of the work force, right from the entry level to the head honchos (Fischer and Friedman 21).
Marriott takes on board the smartest young faces from the universities and most hard working people from other sources to Join the team. Marriott management-training positions offer these candidates opportunities to enhance their careers and the future of the Marriott business (Fischer and Friedman 22). On a societal level, a complete and collective approach to the hospitality workforce has a direct impact on the money that communities make. Hotels create Jobs and salary is generated through both direct employment and a large network of suppliers.
Woodlouse (2012) noted that “Some people today are wandering generalities Instead of meaningful specifics because they have failed to discover and mine the wealth of potentials In them” (p. 1141 Amorist’s Management Development Program (MID) is a convenient program that is paced to suit individual training to entry-level Marriott managers with the knowledge and skills that are accessory to perform their work and provide top class customer service. This program will also assist in developing discipline oriented and on-the-Job technical acumen needed to be excellent in the Job.
The management skills needed to ensure a path breaking career with this top notch hotel will improve as an assistant food and beverages manager will be different from the responsibilities of a floor manager. Career opportunities too are a plenty in Marriott. The example of Steven Craig is very popular in the circles of Marriott. He comes from the city of Chicago and loves the boy band Battles and plays guitar, bass and piano. Steven has also found a firm place in his career at Marriott.
In Just a little over four years with Marriott, he has performed so well that his efforts have been recognized and show cased. He has maintained quite a good track record. Steven has already gained a lot of experience at several unique large sized companies. Also, in his present role as Assistant General Manager, has even assisted in opening a hotel from the ground floor upwards (Chubbier, Van Dam and Hutchins 191). Steven Joined Marriott straight completing his graduation examination as a fresher, through the Management
Development Program of Marriott and has been very happy with the career development and enhancement possibilities that has been provided to him. He says that every day is an all new experience for him. There are plenty of challenges and hard tasks he has to complete but he feels grateful that invariably he gets the support he needs to deliver good customer service and his performance to the next level of excellence. Marriott understands its employees better than most in the market at their level. They understood that Steven has a great passion for music.
Steven understands the importance of working harmoniously in the workplace too. He says that as an Assistant General Manager he has to get into several roles and his work is not limited to any one area only. He has to oversee and supervise various functions of the hotel such as front office, food and beverages desk, room service, security and housekeeping. He has to ensure that his team is in sync and working together collectively as a unit and performing under all possible situations, favorable or otherwise.
There has to be one person who has to keep people together, keep them motivated and pleased. It is a big challenge for him but that is part of his daily work and he enjoys it fully. He has to be available at all times for his staff in case they find themselves in a spot of bother. Stevens love for music makes him tuned in to his responsibilities so well (Woodlouse 1135-1137). The teamwork training opportunities are also healthy in the Marriott. Famous lecturers come to their training rooms to speak to the staff and motivate them to work together to reach their goals.
They develop various training modules and workshops to help deliver them messages better. Big speakers here include Gregg Gregory who spoke to the team and beseeches them to come together during his personal loss and how Alex Shame and he rest of the team members allowed him to get over the emotional stress (Chubbier, Van Dam and Hutchins 197-199). Marriott is also well known for the communication training it provides to its employees. Their spoken language has to be impeccable to keep up their standards and their competitive place in the market.
There are professional trainers available who hone the skills of the staff and also Woodlouse (2012) stated, “Library Instruction is beneficial to all students. Learning together as a group reduces some of the stress and anxiety students may have when trying to learn about the libraries’ various resources. The instruction sessions are customized presentations, with hands-on training when possible, specifically tailored to class’s assigned research” (up. 1137-1138). The think tank of Marriott is now slowly and steadily delving into the details and benefits of creative thinking on the part of its employees.

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Hr Aspect of a Company
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