How to Write an Essay: Outline

Outline your argument and ideas in the following way so that you can easily
form an introduction paragraph. In order to write an essay in 25-30 minutes, you
should train yourself so that you can finish your outlines in 5-10 minutes. Here is

how to do so.
Prompt (question): If you have an opportunity to send your child to study abroad,
would you have him/her educated in the US or in your home country?”
1. Argument: I will have my child educated in the United States.
2. Support 1: My child Can learn English better.
Support 2: My child can experience various languages and cultures.
4. Support 3: My child can play
5. Thesis: Since my child can be better educated in the United States, I Will send
him/her to study in the United States. (argument+why)
1. Argument: State your argument clearly.
2. Support 1: Give specific reasons and examples.
3. Support 2: Give specific reasons and examples.
4. Support 3: Give specific reasons and examples.
Good writers do not give similar reasons to support their argument. In other
words, their three reasons (supports) should be distinguishable from each other.
5. Thesis: Usually a thesis appears in the middle or at the end Of the introduction.
It has to contain the rephrased main argument (should not be the same as the
main argument) + why.

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How to Write an Essay: Outline
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