How to Make Dumpling

For Chinese, dumpling is our traditional food. In Ancient, dumpling represents money. So they eat it for good luck. Until now, we also eat it when we celebrate some traditional festivals. Because we think it will bring some good luck for us. In lots of Chinese’s mind, dumping is delicious.
But if we want to make it, the process is complicated. Now I will explain you how to make dumpling. Because the dough should ferment, we must make dumpling wrapper first. At this step we should have flour, water, a container, a wet cloth, a knife, a rolling pole and a pastry board.After prepare those materials, we can beginning to make the dough. We put flour into a container, then pour water into the container, and be careful about the proportion between flour and water. It is important to make the good dough.
After that, stir it strenuously to make it sticky, put a wet cloth on the dough and wait 20 minutes to let it ferment. 20 minutes later, we can roll dough into a round piece. We should cut part of the dough and put it on pastry board, knead a part of it to a strip and cut it into small pieces.Then press each piece and roll it with a rolling pole into a round piece. Now we will do the stuffing. It is the core of making dumpling. If we do not have good stuffing, it means we fail in the whole steps.

Today we choose pork and scallion stuffing to an example. At the start of making stuffing, we should chop pork up and mix it with chopped scallions. Meanwhile we also put in seasonings like salt, sesame oil, pepper, chopped green onion and ginger to get our favorite flavor.And then stir the ingredients in a container well to make them evenly mixed. We can also put an egg to make the stuffing tender. When we finish those two steps, we will do the last step which is make dumpling. There are many shapes of dumpling like waveform, crescent, wallet form and lock from.
Waveform is easiest to make. So lots of us like to make dumpling like it. Now I will tell you how to make this shape. Put right amount stuffing in the middle of dumpling wrapper. And double over the dumpling wrapper to become the semicircle.Then knead it from left and let the forefinger around thumb to push it have pleat. Repeat this motion until it to right.
After that, a dumpling it completely finished. Those are all steps of make dumpling. Please notice those steps and do not forget the core of making dumpling. Stuffing is the head of dumpling. And memory that delicious dumpling comes from carefully person. Do not careless in it. In our mind, dumpling is so complicated.
But if we do it with our family, it will become an unforgettable thing for us.

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How to Make Dumpling
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