Hospital Waste Management in Dhaka city

In comparison with the four hospitals the higher waste Is generated In Dacha Medical College Hospital and lowers waste Is The intrinsic vulnerability of waste generated from the hospital is pathogens and sharps. It is apparent that a very few fraction of about 13%-25% of hospital waste requires special treatment for destroying the pathogens. However careless management of this waste may compromise the quality of patient care. Hospital staffs involved with handling, collection, storage, transportation, treatment and disposal system, waste pickers and scavengers are more likely to come in direct contact with the contaminated waste. Hence the incidence of diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Diphtheria and Cholera among these community increases subsequently.

Even their improper transportation and disposal can cause serious pollution to the surrounding environment. Through this survey it was revealed that poor waste management prevails in almost al hospitals and clinics. In absence of adequate laws and regulation, waste is generally dumped together in a public place or open DDCD bin near the hospital premises. Hospital authorities are not aware nuisance causing from waste. Waste segregation at source is very poor. Rapid growth of hospitals along with dumping of infectious waste with other municipal waste is making the situation detrimental. Therefore proper management of healthcare waste with adequate policy is essential for the environment and for the community as a whole.

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Hospital Waste Management in Dhaka city
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