Home Entertainment Change

With economy and science is development, people’s life for the better, Due to raise the level of income and living conditions to improve, we’re find large changes in home entertainment options in my country over the past one hundred years, I feel very surprise. And feel our country changes so fast.
Obviously, our live become more comfortable, so many people ask some question about the change, most people want to know what make home entertainment change. Since this question, I make a survey about it, I found some reasons.Times change and people’s life change. So beautiful life changes the people’s mind, make people learn how to enjoy life, so many people can buy nice home entertainment, and one important point is people earn more money. Over the past one hundred years, home entertainment began became colorful, some old home entertainment be washed out gradually. People prefer like new things, before, life is so single, just people communicate with people, no more extra activities. Don’t have any electrical appliances.
Now, there have much activity for people to enjoy.And start to appear new things, like internet. Give people added more fun. So, let’s us find some specific change, form our home, my grandpa’s grandmother’s liberation is the family together through their drink tea and chat with people, even the leisure and entertainment expenses. In this time, economy and science not development enough, even thing is out of style, and people don’t realize what is enjoy live, maybe they just know how to eat enough or wear enough, this is the true in that time, they don’t know how to enjoy life and they don’t have money enough.After my grandpa and grandma were playing CARDS, they go shopping; go to park, walking, during the Spring Festival, they go to the temple fair and they also play at roadside stall eat. Since people live became better, so people have more choice to do many things, because they don’t pursue eat and water anymore.

Now my mom and dad’s relatives, go shopping and travel, they also watch TV, play mahjong and go to the cinema. Through this example, we know the world real change, we can see it, and we enjoy it. I think this is a perfect time.The chance course big influence, though this change, our life becomes etter, we have activity in outside, but have more activity in our home, because we have most progressive facilities at home, and in this time, we have internet technique, though internet, we needn’t go outside, because internet technique can help us to do anything, whenever you want buy food or cloths, the internet can help you come true, so I think internet is the most facilities in our life. The world changes so fast, we live in the world, and our life always changes. Maybe after many years, we have more changes about home entertainment; we will more interested things happen. I believe one day, we will live better.

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Home Entertainment Change
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