History Final Exam Essay

 Please answer two questions out of the following five. Remember to write neatly, include a couple of introductory sentences and conclusive sentences, use specific evidence drawn from the lectures, readings and textbook to support your ideas. Make sure to advance an argument but also include possible counterargument(s). Your answers to each question should range between 250 and 500 words.
1. Were the European revolutions of 1848 nationalist events? Give specific examples of different nations and try to articulate (possibly different) meanings of being “nationalist” in these case studies.
2. Was the “new imperialism” really new? In what aspects was it new? Try to articulate some comparisons and connections between “new” and “old” imperialism.
3. Was World War 1 the cause of the Russian Revolution, or can you trace the origin to a different point? Talk about specific contexts and events that triggered the Russian Revolution.
4. Did the fascist regime in Italy and the Nazi regime in Germany emerge from democratic processes? How can we understand “democracy” in that context? Did fascism and Nazism share a common trajectory of rising to power or were they different?
5. Is it true to state that World War 2 was more violent than World War 1? Try to break down the idea of “violence” and examine it from different perspectives.
• All papers must be double-spaced, have one-inch margins top/bottom, left/right and be 12 point font.
• Please include a title page that has your name and date, TA’s name, section time, word count.
• All papers need to include footnotes or endnotes, Chicago style.

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History Final Exam Essay
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