history essay

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The essay are not short answer and should include as much historical details you find. Make sure your essay contains an introduction and conclusion. 
1- The essay includes a clear, compelling statement of its thesis, research question, and/or main argument. 
2- The essay is organized effectively into an appropriate number of thoughtfully ordered paragraphs, generally including a strong introduction and conclusion. 
3- develops ideas and arguments carefully, thoroughly, and creatively throughout the essay. 
4-  The essay demonstrates a mastery of diction, syntax, usage, grammar, and mechanics appropriate to college writing at the sophomore level. 
5-  The essay demonstrates a mastery of source material assigned by the instructor.  It draws judiciously and thoroughly on available information from appropriate modules in the course; if required, the student references and cites works appropriately (e.g., parenthetical with page numbers). 

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history essay
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