History assignment

Common Graded Assignment First Scaffolding Post For this assignment, start by identifying your topic and reading up on it in our textbook.  If you have trouble locating it, use the textbook’s search function.   As you read, think about ways you can narrow down the topic to something you can learn about with just two sources (and your textbook).   Then locate TWO primary sources that you might use to learn more about that topic.   See the Final CGA Paper instructions for suggestions about where to look for primary sources and remember you can always ask for some guidance!   
What to post: FIRST:  Start by stating your broad topic and explain in 3-4 sentences the main events within that topic that you are going to focus on and why.  For example, if you were doing Reconstruction, you might focus on the reasons why it failed.  Or you might focus on the limits of Republican legislation.   Or you might examine southern resistance to that legislation (like the KKK).  In other words, you are narrowing down your topic from the very broad ones you had to pick from!   5 points SECOND: In the second half of your post, for each of your two chosen primary sources, In a sentence, answer each of these questions about the source: 1. What IS the document and who created it?   1 Point 
2. What was the intended purpose of and audience for each document.  1 Point 
3. What bias can you see in the document?  Identify at least one.  1.5 Points 
4. Sum up the main “take away” from the document – what is the one most important thing you learned from it?  1.5 points 
5 points per source for the summary. 15 points total 

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History assignment
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